TOEIC Daily Practice improves your power in listening, reading, and even speaking.

TOEIC needs LOTS OF reading practice.  

100 hours is NOT ENOUGH.  

1000 hours is good. 

10,000 hours is BETTER  

Read stories.  WE LOVE STORIES.

You can spend 10 minutes or 20 minutes each day. More time = More improvement.

Look & Listen

This is easy.  Just look with your eyes and listen with your ears.  The reader, a professor in California, gives a short announcement about the story.  Then he reads the episode.  After that, the reader also gives explanations in English. If you cannot understand the explanations, then just skip back to the beginning of the reading.

Read and listen to each episode 2 or 3 times.

More time = More improvement.

The website is called English Through Stories.

Click on the  image to play.  RightClick on it to open a new window for the mp3.  Or save the mp3 on your device.